Wedding Decor: How Pinterest Has Created a Monster.

Well, not a monster. That's a little dramatic.

 Image courtesy of the amazing Ultrapom Rental Company. I love your rentals. 

Image courtesy of the amazing Ultrapom Rental Company. I love your rentals. 

Let's pause for a moment to bask in the beautiful glory of the table setting above. Gold, sparkly, classy, a little vintage, a little Kate Spade. I love it. You love it. You gotsta have it, right? Be ready with that cash money, then.

Many of my clients (and usually also their Moms and MILs) direct me to their Pinterest accounts and ask me to help create a tablescape/backdrop/dessert table just like the one they have pinned on their wedding boards. Then I hit them with the cost of rentals for all the different items in the photo and they cuss me out. Just kidding. That hasn't happened. Yet....

So how is it possible that so many people are having these fabulously stylish weddings with every detail perfectly coordinated and no one is complaining about the cost? Well, the truth is, most people aren't. They're either not complaining about the cost because they can afford it no probs, or you're seeing images from a styled shoot. Tricky tricky! 

A styled shoot DOES NOT include settings or decor for an entire wedding (unless you're only having, like, ten people at your wedding. If that's the case, you're golden!). It's meant to give you inspiration and explore different styles, textures, and colors. For example, the gold flatware, while very lovely, will cost about $750 alone for 150 guests. Sequin linens will run you about $50 per table so that's another $750 in guest table linens. And if that's a gold-rimmed charger under the salad plate? Expect to pay up to $9 per charger (that's $1,350 for 150).

After my clients get over the initial sticker shock and stop hating me, they ask how they can achieve a similar look without murdering their bank accounts. I suggest picking their favorite aspect of the photo-- the thing that their eye goes to first or perhaps the most unique or unusual item that hasn't been done at many weddings before. Then, I'll help them either source and rent that exact item or find something in the general spirit of that item that is more affordable. 

Next, we'll discuss what, in the image, piques their interest on a broader level: the thick stripes? color combinations? mixture of styles? pops of color with a neutral "base"? metallics and shimmer? multiple interesting textures? Then I'll help brainstorm ways to incorporate those details into reasonably priced wedding decor. Sometimes it'll show up as a recurring element in their printed materials, centerpieces, on their cake or head table, or maybe on their invitations. 

I've been formally trained in design so helping my clients come up with cohesive "themes" for their weddings runs in my blood. I am a superstar with the unpredictable, different, unique, colorful, unexpected and unusual. I'll help you prioritize and tell you the honest pros and cons of certain details and help you pick items with the best R.O.D.I (Return On Design Investment); like, did you know that most of your guests will open your wedding invitation with a letter opener or rip it with their finger and will likely miss that envelope liner you spent two days hand cutting? I'll tell you what works and I'll tell you when you're trying to do too much and help you focus and strategize. 

Hire a consultant and a day-of coordinator. I promise it'll be the best money you spend (or don't spend?) on your wedding.